Woah Hey. 1Password 4 for Mac is Out!


Somehow I missed this from yesterday, but 1Password 4 for the Mac is available!  I use 1Password for my iPhone, iPad, and both the MacBooks we have at our house. It is MUST HAVE software.

If you aren’t using any password manager for your online activity, you probably have resorted to the use of 1 of the following three methods:

  1. You write (with a physical pen or pencil) your passwords down on a piece of paper or notebook that you keep track of.
  2. You keep them all in a note file on your Mac.  Perhaps you’ve made use of the Sticky Notes on your Mac Dashboard, or maybe the Notes app that syncs via iCloud.
  3. You only have two or three passwords that you remember and you use one of them them on every site.  Thankfully you have a memory like an elephant, so you’ll always have the password on the tip of your tongue when needed.

Sure, those methods are convenient, but you are just asking to get hacked.  The team at AgileBits Software put it best:

“Secure” and “convenient” never worked together in a sentence until we built 1Password.

Once I’ve had a chance to look over 1Password, I’ll post a full review, but I can let their web site sell you on it.  Go to AgileBits and check it out!

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