Start Using These 7 Mac Tips for Maximum Efficiency

An overview of MacOS tips that you may not be aware of. Great for new Mac users or anyone who is always after a better way to use your Mac. Below is a list of all seven covered:

① Spotlight Searching and the Command Key – Using the ⌘ command key, you can add some power to Spotlight.

② Finder Quick Actions for Editing – No need to open Preview… Just edit right from the Finder window.

③ Changing a Batch of File Names – Select a group of files and rename them all at once. I did mention an alternate third-party app for batch renaming of files. It provides more options than the standard options in the Finder. It’s called NameChanger, and can be found free here:

④ Adding a Modifier Key to Hot Corners – If you accidentally trigger those hot corners too often, add a modifier key!

⑤ Using Night Shift in MacOS – You can turn up the warm color tones at night on your Mac.

⑥ Custom Keyboard Commands – Create custom keyboard commands for specific applications.

⑦ Universal Clipboard – Learn to copy and paste between devices. This has been around for a while but a lot of people still don’t use it!

A Simple Method for Backing Up Your Mac

Are you trying to figure out how to back up your Mac with the easiest solution? In this video, I recommend a simple method for establishing a solid backup plan for your Mac.

For cloud backup, I recommend Backblaze, though iDrive is a close second.

In this video I mention Backblaze as my preferred option. You can sign up for a free Backblaze trial here:

I have two recommendations for backing up to a local drive and it really depends on your needs:

  1. Time Machine – Easy, fewer options
  2. Carbon Copy Cloner – Powerful with many options

Watch the video above for all the details!

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