Why I Moved to Notion… And what I’ll miss about Evernote

I have switched from Evernote to Notion, but there are a few things I’ll miss about Evernote. However, it wasn’t enough to prevent me from switching to this outstanding new platform for organizing your thoughts, data, projects, and more. In this video, I share what I’m most excited about with Notion and why I switched, even though there are a couple of features I’ll miss from Evernote.

If you are interested in checking out Notion, they have a free account option so you can kick the tires: http://bit.ly/zYes19g

A Simple Method for Backing Up Your Mac

Are you trying to figure out how to back up your Mac with the easiest solution? In this video, I recommend a simple method for establishing a solid backup plan for your Mac.

For cloud backup, I recommend Backblaze, though iDrive is a close second.

In this video I mention Backblaze as my preferred option. You can sign up for a free Backblaze trial here: https://secure.backblaze.com/r/00b9pv

I have two recommendations for backing up to a local drive and it really depends on your needs:

  1. Time Machine – Easy, fewer options
  2. Carbon Copy Cloner – Powerful with many options

Watch the video above for all the details!

7 Tips to Improve iPhone Battery Life

Here are 7 basic ways you can help prolong your battery power on your iPhone (outside of just carrying around an extra battery). Below is a list of all seven covered, and in the video I show you how to adjust each one. I would love to hear your own suggestions in the comments below!

① ⚡️Use Low Power Mode – Low Power Mode isn’t new, but it is helpful when you need your battery to last longer than usual.

② 🔦Lower your flashlight brightness – You can actually choose the brightness level of the iPhone flashlight on the fly.

③ 🎆 Disable some visual effects – All of the visual effects cost some measure of processing power, which equals battery usage. You can turn some of them off.

④ 🔆 Use auto-brightness – Tell your iPhone to automatically adjust brightness based on the lighting levels in the environment you are in.

⑤ 📩 Adjust your push and fetch settings – You can change how often your iPhone checks for new email or other cloud data.

⑥ ✋🏼Tweak the background app activities – Tell specific apps NOT to check for new data in the background. It can be a real battery drain!

⑦ 🔒Shorten the Auto-Lock timing – Tell your iPhone to automatically lock after a shorter duration.

5 Essential Apps for the Mac

The video below is an overview of 5 helpful apps for MacOS users that I highly recommend. Here is a list of all five covered:

Hazel – Magic automation machinery for your Mac. THINGS JUST HAPPEN WITHOUT YOU TOUCHING THEM. You need this app: http://bit.ly/hazelismagic

aText – Use shortcuts for repetitive typing. Can be used for short text like an email address or for an entire form letter. http://bit.ly/aTextShortcuts

PasteBot – Clipboard manager so you can add multiple items to the clipboard and then paste at will. http://bit.ly/PasteBot

Acorn – A Photoshop alternative for those who don’t want to spend a bunch of money. http://bit.ly/Acorn6forMacOS

Sophos Home – Anti-Virus protection, because yes, you need this on a Mac: http://bit.ly/MacsGetVirusesToo

MacHowDoI is now Everyday Apple

It’s time for a facelift around here, so I have changed the name of my YouTube channel and this blog to…

Everyday Apple

My goal is to create content for the average, ‘everyday’ user of Apple products because I get questions all the time about things that advanced users might take for granted.  I want to turn these bits of knowledge into bite-sized chunks so that you can find what help you need.

The url is EverydayApple1984.wordpress.com, which references the famous Apple commercial from the Super Bowl that year.  Just for fun, here’s that ad (I love it because it shows the Super Bowl score right before the ad starts 😊):

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